Setting Up Your Resume

After signing up and becoming part of the database, you need to set up a resume. If you have not signed up yet, please do so first. You can find more information on our ‘How to Register’ page. 

The resume that you associate with your profile is what will allow employers to have access to your information and potentially select you for an interview. Because your resume contains all the information accessible to employers, you should make sure to make it as detailed as possible, including all of your valuable skills and experiences.

If you would like tips and advice on building your resume, a free online career readiness learning module is available here

The first thing you will be asked is to upload a file version of your resume. The employers will be able to access it through a link on your profile. You will then see many fields asking you to give more information about your skills or experiences. Fill those in carefully and as detailed as you can. Our filtering algorithm does not sift through your uploaded resume, hence, for employers to find you, any keywords they use to filter their search should be included in your personal description. 

Building your resume does not have to be done as soon as you sign up. Although we recommend that you make the time to complete the application process in one sitting, your profile can exist on the platform even if you do not have a resume created. You only need to be aware that with no resume, employers will have a hard time finding you. 


Important information to keep in mind when signing up:

  • Once you start creating your resume, you will not be able to save the draft  and return to edit again later. You should then either complete your resume building in one session or have your resume written outside in another document software so you can easily copy and paste it in our fields on this platform. Refreshing the page while completing your resume might delete your work.

  • You are allowed to build several resumes associated with your profile. This could be a great asset to use if you have a variety of skills or special expertise that might be of interest for different positions. 

  • For your information, here are sample images of what your profile might look like to an employer browsing through the database. 


Here is what your profile will look like to employers:


If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us:

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