How to Use the Resume Database

We currently have nearly 200 Career Seekers between the ages of 19 and 35 registered. This database is open to any Black Students and/or Black Young Professionals who are interested in working in the IDM industry and reside in Ontario. The resumes collected are from post secondary students and emerging professionals - with or without experience. Interactive Ontario is not personally vetting every candidate.


How to navigate the Resume Database:

  • Once you’re in your account page, use the ‘Employers’ drop-down list at the top of the page and select “Browse the Database”.

  • In a column on the left, you will find several fields by which you can filter the candidates  in the resume database. Those types of filters are: 

    • the ‘Categories’ of work they are proficient in, 

    • the ‘Job Type’ they are looking for, 

    • their preferred ‘Work Arrangement’, 

    • as well as what they consider to be their top 3 skills.


You can only select one option out of each field, but you can combine options from different fields.

  • In the header across the top, you can refine your search by keywords or location. 

    • Your keywords can be anything you are looking for in a candidate: a specific skill, a work title, the name of a program or tool you expect them to be familiar with, and so on. 

    • Keep in mind that here you can only use one keyword at a time. 

    • Filtering by location will give you results of career seekers currently living in the selected radius.

  • Once you have selected your filters, the shortened candidate profiles that appear on the right side of your screen are the ones that match all your requirements. 

  • By clicking on specific names, it will then take you to a detailed profile view where you can learn more about them.

  • On the candidate’s profile, you will have the opportunity to download their resume or contact them using the information box visible at the top right corner. Remember to scroll down the page, as a lot of information about their skills, experiences and education are readily available outside of their linked resume.

  • To go back to your search, click on the ‘Back’ arrow in the top left corner. There, you can edit your search terms by deleting them using the crosses in the ‘current search’ field or continue scrolling through the suggested candidates.


How to Post a Job

While the platform allows you to easily sift through the database to find candidates of interest, it provides you with another alternative to discover hidden talents. You can create a job posting that describes the position you are offering. This will then give an opportunity for Career Seekers to contact you if they believe that they fit the criteria. 


Creating a job posting can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Log into your account and select the “Job Postings” tab on your dashboard.
  • Select the “Post a Job” button on the right of the page.
  • Fill in the information for your job posting to be as complete as possible. We recommend including information such as: 
    • A description of the role, 

    • A description of the responsibilities,

    • The qualifications/ expected skills,

    • A little about your studio and/or the type of project this role would be contributing to,

    • Any additional information that you believe your potential future hire should be aware of,

    • If you would like your intern to contact you through a different platform make sure to add this information in the “preferred contact method:” box. You can provide an email or a URL (for example to your own careers page). If you do not add any contact information, they will be able to contact you via email through the database.

    • You have the option under “Location” to choose remote/on-location/or Hybrid. If you expect your intern to come on-location or Hybrid for the position, please identify the city for the place of work. This could impact the type of applicants who apply.


Once your job posting has been added, you can manage it in the “Job Postings” tab of your account’s dashboard. There, you will be able to use the drag and drop feature to look at candidates’ profiles, shortlist them and manage their progression through the hiring process.



If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us:

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